Abing abing cd cover front by clowcardruler-d7knz3x

Single by Orange Caramel

Released 2014.05.20
Genre K-Pop
Format CD Single
Recorded 2014
Label Pledis Entertainment
Producer TBA
Orange Caramel Single Chronology

Previous Hug Song

Abing Abing is Orange Caramel 5th digital single, with releasing Catallena this is their follow-up comeback music video.


Orange Caramel - Abing Abing

Limited Editon A

MV ORANGE CARAMEL '아빙아빙(Abing abing) Music Video

MV ORANGE CARAMEL '아빙아빙(Abing abing) Music Video

Orange Caramel-Abing abing (MV)


  1. Catallena
  2. Abing Abing

Limited Edition A DVDEdit

  1. Catallena (Dance ver.)
  2. Abing Abing (Dance ver.)

Limited Edition B DVDEdit

  1. Catallena (Dance Practice)
  2. Abing Abing (Dance Practice)

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  • Like Catallena, the main theme to Abing Abing is food.

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