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Single by Orange Caramel
---- Released 2014.08.18
Genre K-Pop
Format CD Single
Recorded 2014
LabelPledis Entertainment
Producer TBA
Orange Caramel Korean Singles Chronology

Previous Abing abing 7th Korean Single

My Copycat (previously translated Do It Like I Do) is Orange Caramel fourth single. It would be released in August 18th, 2014.


Limited Editon A


MV ORANGE CARAMEL '나처럼 해봐요(My Copycat)' Music video

Orange Caramel-My Copycat (MV)


MV ORANGE CARAMEL '강남거리(The Gangnam Avenue)' Music video

Orange Caramel - The Gangnam Avenue (MV)


  1. Do It Like I Do
  2. Gangnam Street

Limited Edition A DVD[]

  1. Do It Like I Do
  2. Gangnam Street

Featured Members[]

TV Performances[]

  • Music Bank
  • Music Core
  • Melon Music Awards
  • Music Bank


  • The main theme of Orange Carame's "My Copycat" is find Orange Caramel.
  • On the teaser it was given a mission to find the girls, but on the music video there were different missions:

Mission 1:"Find the differences in both pictures!"

Mission 2:"Find hidden Orange Caramel!"

Mission 3:"Find hidden Jo Seho"

  • Jo Seho is also featured in the video and is also in the Roommate series with Nana.

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