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Park Ji Young, known by her stage name Kahi (가희) is a Korean Pop singer. She is the former leader of the girl group After School and the sub-units Unit ver. 2 and A.S. RED. She is also a former member of S.Blush. Kahi debuted as a solo artist in 2011 with the mini-album Dorawa Nappeun Neo.


Before Debut[]

In 2000, Kahi was chosen as the main dancer for DJ Doc's mega-hit, "Run to You", just three months after she entered. However, her instant success also brought her huge stress, and eventually forced her leave. To make a living, she worked many jobs such as working as a cleaner, waitress, and sales clerk for long period of time. Finally, a choreographer in SM Entertainment gave her a chance to become a temporary dancer for BoA. SM Entertainment liked her dancing, and she was kept as full-time dancer. Since then, she gradually gained fame in her field.

Her cooperation with BoA lasted more than three years. Besides BoA, she was also a famous backup dancer for Country Kko Kko, JinuSean, 1TYM, Lexy, Chae Yeon, Eun Ji Won, and many others. She was also the dance teacher for Son Dam-bi, May Doni, and Kim Jung Ah, her former bandmate.

Around 2006, after more than five years career as a professional dancer, Kahi decided to debut as a dance-pop singer. She joined the Korean American girl group "S. Blush", whose first digital single peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot Dance Chart in May 2007. However, due to various reasons, the band soon disbanded.


In late 2007, Kahi contacted some friends in the industry that she had known from her years as a dancer, who are now the staff of Pledis Entertainment. They planned for and produced the debut of the new group together. After years of work and selection of members, she debuted in January 2009 as the leader of After School.


Pledis Entertainment initially announced that the singer would release a solo album sometime in 2010, which started rumors of her leaving the group. However her management denied that she was leaving After School. However, the debut was delayed to February 2011. Meanwhile, Kahi joined the cast of reality-variety series Yeongunghogeol (영웅호걸, "Heroes"). She was later cast in Dream High 2 playing a teacher at Kirin Art School.


As After School underwent many member changes and image changes, Kahi remained the leader. Soon, After School debuted in Japan and shortly after in June 2012, it was announced that Kahi would officially graduate from After School in September.


In March 2013, Kahi was rumoured to be having a solo comeback, but it was put on hold. Over a year later from her last solo release, Pledis Entertainment announced on September 25, 2013 that Kahi would be releasing her second mini album, titled "Who Are You?", on October 10.


As of 2014, Kahi acted as the lead role of Bonnie in the musical and Korean adaptation of Bonnie & Clyde (musical) along side ZE:A's Hyungsik. As of October, Kahi posted a picture on her SNS of the script for the musical All Shook Up (musical) which she appears to have gained a role in.


On January 19, a rep from Pledis told The Fact, "Kahi's contract recently expired, and she has left the agency.  There was no disharmony.  It ended on good terms.  We think Kahi revealed her stance on Twitter well.  We do not know what activities Kahi will pursue in the future at this moment, but we hope it goes well."

She wrote via Twitter, "'It has been 6 years since After School debuted.  That is also the amount of time it took to leave the agency.  You've helped me to realize my dream and raised me when I was lacking, so I'm really grateful to everyone in the Pledis family. Wherever I am, I will work more diligently with a more mature self.''


On 27 July, Kahi confirmed her upcoming project release with Andrew Pong in Hong Kong.

On 20 August, Kahi made an appearance in Andrew Pong’s debut track and MV, “Tonight”.

On March 14, it was confirmed that Kahi will get married this month with the well-known figure in the fashion industry, Yang Jun Moo. On August 1, Kahi's husband, CEO Yang Joon Moo, shared a picture of his wife the other day via his Instagram, announcing she's 24 weeks into her pregnancy now. The picture shows the expectant mother positively glowing and showing her little D-line.

On October 3rd, at 11:33 am in Seoul, Kahi gave birth to a baby boy.

Korean Discography[]


Digital Singles[]

Japanese Discography[]


Digital Singles[]




  • [2008.04.29] Son Dam-bi - Mini Album Vol.1 (Son Dam-bi)
  • [2010.06.03] SUKI - The First Experience -(feat. Kahi)
  • [2010.10.15] Let's go!
  • [2011.12.01] HAPPY PLEDIS 2012 ‘LOVE LETTER'- Son Dam-bi, Kahi & Jung-A


  • [2010] Heroes

Music Videos[]

  • [2009.02] E.Bul - Sagochigo Sipeo
  • [2009.07] One Two - Byeori Bitnaneun Bame


  • [2002] Olympus m:robe


Cover girl[]

20100829 kahi1 seoulbeats.jpg Download.jpg

  • [2010.29.08] Go Wild
  • [2011.20.09] In Style


  • Since 2002 to 2006 she was backup dancer for artists under SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment as BoA, 1TYM, Gummy, Lexy, Chaeyeon...
  • Ex-girlfriend of Dong Bang Shin Ki member Micky.
  • Kahi’s official Chinese name is Jia Xi.
  • Kahi was raised by her grandfather and grandmother.
  • Went to Sunae High School and attends Seokyeong University, majoring in acting & theater.
  • Was a famous backup dancer for BoA, JinuSean, 1TYM, Lexy, DJ DOC, Chaeyeon, Eun Ji Won, etc. since 2000-2006.
  • Starred in an m:rope MP3-Player CF.
  • Previously part of the Korean-American girl group, “S.Blush” whose digital single “It’s My Life” peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot Dance Chart in 2007.
  • Featured on Son Dambi’s “Bad Boy” single as a rapper in 2008.
  • Kahi picked the original members (with a little help from the company).
  • Made her first unofficial appearance as an After School member on December 29, 2008 when performing “Playgirlz” with Jung Ah and Son Dambi.
  • Featured in E.Bul’s “I Want to Buy It” MV and performance in 2009.
  • Featured in One Two’s “Starry Night” MV in 2009.
  • Made a cameo appearance in SBS’s drama “You’re Beautiful” as Before School member in 2009.
  • Endoresed for Vivaldi Park Ocean World 2010 together with U-ie.
  • Endoresed for Fat Down product.
  • Was a member of variety show “Heroes” on SBS.
  • Featured on Suki’s “One Love” as a rapper.
  • Wrote the rap lyrics for Suki’s “One Love”.
  • Wrote the lyrics of After School’s “Someone is You”.
  • Won the “New Star Award” at the SBS Entertainment Awards 2010.
  • Released her first solo mini album “Comeback You Bad Person” in 2011.
  • She acted as a teacher in KBS2’s drama “Dream High 2”
  • Popular among Korean TV programs because of her various talents especially professional dancing skill in MJ’s Dangerous Beyonce’s Sweet Dreams, Ego, Video Phone & Diva.
  • She’s ambidextrous.
  • Plays the piano and guitar.
  • Learnt yoga, pilates and ballet.
  • Kahi loves Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.
  • Close friends with Nana, Bekah and Son Dambi.
  • She appeared as a judge on Mnet's girl group survival show “Produce 101".


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