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Oh Hye-rin, known by her stage name Raina (레이나) is a Korean Pop singer. She is a member of the girl group After School and the sub units Orange Caramel and A.S BLUE.


Before DebutEdit

Raina was a JYP Entertainment trainee before joining Pledis Entertainment. Before debut Raina was a barista at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, a Korean cafe. She also previously auditioned for Mnet’s Superstar K and was a student at the SM Academy.

Raina is considered to be one of the best vocalists among other idol girl groups in South Korea.


Raina officially debuted with the group for the release of their second single, Because of You, which attained #1 on Gaon Chart and won the "triple crown" on SBS Inkigayo.


She debuted with After School sub-unit Orange Caramel on June 18, 2010 on KBS Music Bank with the song "Magic Girl".

She released her first solo single for the "My Shining Girl" OST in February 2012. Raina has written lyrics for Orange Caramel's "Still..." and "Standing in This Place". Raina also wrote the lyrics for After School's "Love Love Love" and "Timeless".


On May 2014, it was revealed that Raina, together with San E, would release a duet called A Midsummer Night's Sweetness. The collaboration topped all major music charts in South Korea soon after it was released.

On September 28 it was announced that Raina will release a solo single Reset on October 8.


On August 18, Raina was featured in the track Allday Allnight.

On November 22, 2015 Raina revealed that her would be comeback with single "I Don't Know" released on November 24, 2015, she also composed the song.

2016 Edit

On June 16, Pledis released her second collaboration single with San E "Sugar and Me ".

2017 Edit

On June 5, 2017, Raina released her 3rd OST titled "When Rain Falls" for MBC drama "Lookout". Fellow After School member E-young participated in lyric-writing, composition and arrangement for the track.

On July 25 at midnight KST, a teaser image was released for Raina’s new solo single album. The single is due out on July 31 at 6 p.m. KST. Her new single album will feature three songs in total, including the title track “Loop” featuring NU’EST member Aron, her Pledis Entertainment label mate.

Korean DiscographyEdit

  • [2009.12.22] Nun Naerineun Maeul (눈 내리는 마을) (After School, Brown Eyed Girls, K.Will, Kan Mi Youn, Tei, SUKI, An Young Min)
  • [2010.01.22] Neo Ttaemune (Remix) (너 때문에; Because of You)
  • [2014.xx.xx] Week (일주일)

Japanese DiscographyEdit

  • [2011.08.10] Bang! (Reckochoku Digital Single)
  • [2011.11.14] Diva (Reckochoku Digital Single)
  • [2012.02.29] Just in Time (Reckochoku Digital Single)
  • [2012.05.23 - 06.13] Lady Luck (Reckochoku Digital Single)
  • [2013.09.18] Heaven (Reckochoku Digital Single)

Orange Caramel DiscographyEdit

=Digital SinglesEdit


  • [2012.03.14] After School - PLAYGIRLZ (#12 Shanghai Romance Japan Ver.)


  • [2014.10.08] Reset - Solo Debut
  • [2017.07.31] Loop


Music VideosEdit



Cover girlEdit


  • [2012.23.06] CECI


  • Raina attended Howon University and is a close friend of 2AM's Jo Kwon.
  • Attended Howon University.
  • Previously auditioned for Mnet’s Superstar K.
  • Was a barista at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.
  • Was introduced by Pledis through an intro clip in which she sang Destiny’s Child “Stand Up For Love”.
  • Wrote the lyrics of Orange Caramel’s “Still…”.
  • Wrote the lyrics of Orange Caramel’s “Standing in This Place”.
  • Wrote the lyrics of After School’s “Love Love Love”.
  • Featured in Kan Jong Wook’s “Even After A Day”.
  • Made a guest appearance on “Immortal Song 2”.


Honorary TitlesEdit

Honorary titles

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Leader of Orange Caramel

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