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Single by Orange Caramel and 10cm

Released 2013.05.10
Genre K-Pop
Format CD Single
Recorded 2013
Label Pledis Entertainment
Producer TBA
Orange Caramel Korean Singles Chronology

Previous Orange Caramel Lipstick DJ Remix 4th Korean Single
Next Catallena 6th Korean Single

re;code Episode IV is a collaboration digital single by Orange Caramel and 10cm. The song "Anajwoyo (Hug Song)" was the remake version of 10cm song "Anajwoyo".



HUG SONG (안아줘요)

ORANGE CARAMEL - HUG SONG (안아줘요) (feat. 10 cm) (Audio)


  1. Hug Song (안아줘요) feat. 10 cm
  2. Hug Song (inst)

Featured Members[]

Orange Caramel


  • Kwon Jung Yeol
  • Yoon Cheol Jong


  • This is the second time they have collaborated with other artists.
Orange Caramel
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