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Album by Orange Caramel

Released 2010.06.17
Genre K-Pop
Format CD Single
Recorded 2010
Label Pledis Entertainment
Producer Brave Brothers
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The First Mini Album is After School's sub-unit Orange Caramel's first mini-album. The song "Mabeop Sonyeo" was used as lead track and it's music video featured CNBLUE's drummer Kang Min Hyuk. In August, 2010, the mini-album was released in Taiwan and included a Chinese cover of M2M's "The Day You Went Away".



Orange Caramel - Magic Girl (MV)

Orange Caramel - Magic Girl (MV)

Promoting the single


  1. Magic Girl (마법소녀)
  2. Love Does Not Wait (Raina Solo)
  3. Magic Girl(inst)
  4. Sarangeul Mirul Sun Eomnayo (inst)
  5. The Day You Went Away (Taiwan Press Only)

Featured Members[]

TV Performances[]

  • [2010.06.18] KBS Music Bank
  • [2010.06.19] MBC Music Core
  • [2010.06.20] SBS Inkigayo

Song Information[]

Magic Girl
  • Arrangements: Cho Young Soo
  • Lyrics & Composition: Wheesung
  • Vocals:

Oricon Chart Positions[]

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- - 18 - - - - 18 456,852
- - - - - - - - 729
- - - - - - - - 507
- - - - - - - - 277

Total Reported Sales: 1,488,907*


  • The song Magic girl was used as the lead single and was written by Wheesung and composed by Cho Young Soo who has also produced songs for Seo In Young, 4minute, and MC Mong. The track was described as a 1980's retro pop, medium tempo song and the image concept is a sweet, cute, and sporty look to appeal to a global market; it was announced the group planned to promote in China and around the world. "Mabeop Sonyeo" was said to be a song that is easy to sing to with an addictive rhythm, and the group was prescribed to be introducing a new genre called "Candy Music". The song reached #96 on the Gaon 2010 digital yearly charts with 1,488,907 copies sold.
  • This was their highest selling single until Bangkok City.

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